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Cindy SaddleFit & Solutions
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I am an independent saddle fitter with many years of experience as an educator and equestrian.  My shops are located in Marlborough, NH and Williston, FL.  I support clients independently, as well as, through an exclusive partnership with the Cheshire Horse in Swanzey, NH.  I've apprenticed with a master saddle fitter for three years and have attended numerous saddle manufacturer workshops over the years, including Bates with HART Technology,  Natural Horseman Saddlery,  WOW and the Flair System, Circle Y and Tucker Saddles. I have participated in the British Horse Society’s Introductory Saddle Fitting Course and Flocking Courses, and I am currently working towards my full SMS Certification, Society of Master Saddlers in England saddle fitting course and exam. 

My equine career began in Mt. Kisco, NY, where I took lessons and participated in local hunter shows. My parents were educators and had a dream of running a children’s riding camp. In the late 60’s, our family started running Camp Winamac in Bennington, NH.  It was initially through this busy family business that my horse experience and exposure to saddle fitting developed. Each summer, for more than 30 years, we instructed 150-200 campers and managed a 50-horse barn.  It's here I began to learn the nuances of fitting saddles and equipment.  It was a challenge to outfit comfortably, each of the horses stabled at the camp.   They all had their own equipment!

After camp I began Eventing.  My time as an event rider gave me valuable experience fitting competition horses to support performance and success between horse and rider.  I have trained a number of horses through Preliminary level over the years, including two beloved thoroughbreds.  My current horse farms in New Hampshire and Florida are named after my beloved Thoroughbred, Magic Dragon, who competed with me through Preliminary level.  Magic Dragonfly Farm North is located in Marlborough, NH and Magic Dragonfly Farm South is located in Williston, FL. 

My New Hampshire farm location is a small private boarding and training facility on 40 acres with box stalls and pasture turnout. I train both horse and rider and provide fitness programs for competitors and their horses. My current horses on site have encouraged me to take up Natural Horsemanship and incorporate the skills of groundwork, liberty, freestyle and finesse into my program.  In recent years, I've opened my Florida farm so that I can better support my growing saddle fitting business and work with equestrians of all disciplines throughout the winter season. Located in a private, rural setting, this farm is situated close to the World Equestrian Center, HITS, and other terrific local venues.

Cindy SaddleFit & Solutions - New Hampshire
Cindy SaddleFit & Solutions - Florida
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