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I am so grateful to Cindy for showing me the importance of true saddle fit. Cindy has been my trainer for years and her attention to detail is always spot on. Her craftsmanship, knowledge, and attention to detail go into each saddle fitting, by evaluating the horse, the saddle, making adjustments, having the rider sit in the saddle, and making more adjustments until the saddle works perfectly for both horse and rider. I have complete trust in Cindy's saddle-fitting. She will do a fantastic job for you and your horse.

Jane F.              NH

I had a wonderful experience with Cindy.  My Horse wasn't too happy with his old saddle.  He is a little more difficult to fit as he has a short back and wide.  Cindy recommended the Bates Artiste Dressage saddle.  Cindy not only made sure this was a good fit for my horse but for me too.  We have been riding in our new Bates saddle for a month and it fits my horse and me like a glove.  We both love it and my horse moves

out soo much better and our canter has greatly improved.  We are so thankful to Cindy for her expert advice and time and are enjoying our arena and trail rides. 

Dawn B.           FL

"I have been struggling to find the perfect dressage saddle for my very hard to fit Norwegian Fjord. After trying several saddles and trying to shim my current saddle a million different ways, I gave Cindy a call to get her expert help! She came right out to my farm watched me ride and looked at my current saddle. After determining that my current saddle was not a perfect fit for my horse, she thought it over and came back to my farm with a Bates Artiste dressage saddle that is extremely adjustable, and it fit him perfectly!! I can’t thank Cindy for helping me find this saddle. My fjord moves so much better now that he has the right saddle for his build. I highly recommend Cindy to help fit all types of horses with all types of saddles!

K. Lane               NH

Cindy is great to work with. She spent hours with me trying to get my existing saddles to fit five of my guys.

She came up with great solutions with the existing tack and never once mentioned that she also sells saddles, until I asked “what do YOU like?” Followed by “ I’m not spending 7k on a saddle that will likely not fit in three months!”

She laughed and showed me a wonderful, workmanlike model with a price tag under $1500.

I took it on trial for a week and loved how my guys would go in it. It was really impressive how much my ponies back improved in just a few rides, but it was a little big on me and a little tight on my TB mare. Cindy arranged to bring a smaller, wider version.

With a few adjustments the new saddle actually fits all my five that are in work and rehab - a miracle since they range from a 14.2h pony to a 15h pony, two 16h Hanoverians and a 15.3h OTTB! She offered to let me try the new one for a week, but it felt so great, I bought it on the spot

Cindy is patient to a fault! She is knowledgeable and professional and a breath of fresh air.

Sally H.           FL

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